Internship - Bachelor’s degree

Dear students,

In order to obtain all the signatures on the documents you need to prepare for your internship, please go through the following steps:

Step 1: Go to and complete the ONLINE INTERNSHIP CONVENTION (or go directly to this LINK);

Step 2: Download in PDF format the convention completed during step 1;

Step 3: Download and complete the Application form issued by the faculty on (or go directly to this LINK);

Step 4: Upload THE INTERNSHIP CONVENTION and THE APPLICATION FORM ISSUED BY THE FACULTY, both completed in PDF format on the e-learning platform within the course “DOCUMENTE PRACTICA” (INTERNSHIP DOCUMENTS) under the heading “Incarcare pentru semnare” (Upload for signing): INTERNSHIP CONVENTION and APPLICATION ISSUED BY THE FACULTY

Step 5: After signing the documents by the university officials, you will be able to download the PDF documents with the related signatures from the e-learning platform within the “DOCUMENTE PRACTICA” course from the section “Incarcare pentru semnare” (Upload for signing): Internship convention and Application released/issued by the faculty.

Internship is a compulsory course that has to be done during the second semester of the second year of study. Students have to address to an internship partner, according to the profile of their study program. Their internship should be done in the appropriate department of that company, i.e. in one or several of the departments whose profile is compatible with the requirements in the course outline Practice. The internship should totalize 84 hours, preferable to be done 6h/day, 1day/week during 14 weeks.

The internship is conducted under the guidance of an internship coordinator who has the training and experience to complete and consolidate the theoretical knowledge acquired by the student in the training program. From the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration (FESBA or FSEAA in Romanian), the guidance of the students during the internship is done by the teacher responsible for that study program. 

The person in charge with the relationship between our university and the economic environment created a systematized framework for managing the students' internship and the collaboration between the university and the business sector. In this sense, at there is a platform that can manage both the information sent by companies (internships, proposals for research topics, jobs, events etc.) and documents associated with the practice activity of students, enabling a better communication between companies, students and teachers.

To carry out the internship activity, FSEAA/FESBA students will use ONLY the form specific to the Internship Convention, which will be printed in 2 copies after completing online (one for the company and the other for the teacher responsible for the evaluation at the end of the semester). To fill in the documents online, it is necessary for the student to log in on the portal, with the assigned data (username and password) which are identical to those that allow him access to the intranet. For more information, you can contact the Bureau of Economic Environment Relations/Biroul de Relații cu Mediul Economic (BEEM/BRME) at

By the end of the 14 weeks of internship, the student must also have the following documents:

      1. A certificate of internship - signed by the internship partner which must show the number of hours done, the period of the internship, the topic of the project and the grade awarded. 

     2. The internship book - in the form of a diary, in which, after the presentation of the company, the activities carried out during the practice are described chronologically. 

     3. The internship project - which must emphasize the way the knowledge acquired in one or more courses studied in faculty is applied in practice.             

Additional information on how to prepare your documents can be obtained from the teachers responsible for the internship at the level of each study program. 

IMPORTANT! Students who are employed may carry out their internship at the workplace, if the requirements for the accumulation of competencies provided in the internship course outline are fulfilled. The internship is evaluated by a colloquium in the exam session of the second semester.

Course outline - INTERNSHIP

Curriculum - INTERNSHIP

Name of the teachers responsible for the students' internship - Bachelor's degree

Guidance Book - Business Administration students 


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Internship - Master’s degree

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      Marketing  CU TAXĂ
      Economia comerțului turismului și serviciilor  CU TAXĂ
      Management CU TAXĂ
      Afaceri internaționale  CU TAXĂ
      Contabilitate și informatică de gestiune CU TAXĂ

Lista candidatilor RESPINSI datorita mediei sau neconfirmarii locurilordatorita mediei sau neconfirmarii locurilor

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